Implant removal and replacement surgery

Implant removal and replacement surgery, also known as capsulectomy is a procedure which is undertaken when a breast implant is being replaced and is intended to alleviate discomfort while offering the potential of improving both the feel and appearance of the breasts.

Implant removal and replacement surgery

Implant removal and replacement surgery, also known as capsulectomy is a procedure which is undertaken when a breast implant is being replaced and is intended to alleviate discomfort while offering the potential of improving both the feel and appearance of the breasts.

Implant removal and replacement surgery

Implant removal and replacement surgery, also known as capsulectomy is a procedure which is undertaken when a breast implant is being replaced and is intended to alleviate discomfort while offering the potential of improving both the feel and appearance of the breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implant Removal & Replacement (Capsular Contracture)

Implants can be replaced for many reasons, including wanting to change the shape or size of the implants, breasts change due to weight loss or gain, age or having children, or if implants rupture.

Breast implants do not have an expiration date. They only need to be replaced in the very rare case whereby they break or rupture, which is usually a result of sub-standard implants or sub-standard surgery. This is not serious or a health risk, but may cause a change in shape or feel of the implant necessitating its removal.

Implant removal and replacement surgery, also known as capsulectomy, refers to the removal of the scar tissue or capsule which typically forms around an implant. It is a procedure which is undertaken when a breast implant is being replaced and is intended to alleviate discomfort while offering the potential of improving both the feel and appearance of the breasts.

The capsule (scar tissue) which forms around the implant is a completely normal reaction to the insertion of a foreign body (the implant) into the breast. There are cases in which the capsule thickens and contracts. This is known as capsular contracture and can make the breasts feel a lot harder. As well as being uncomfortable or painful for an individual, capsular contracture which gets progressively worse can distort the shape of the breasts. A capsulectomy can address issues with the look and feel of the breast, and serve to alleviate the pain.

The procedure can be done for the purpose of a replacement, or as a removal without replacement, reversing a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Is implant removal and replacement surgery for me?

One of the primary reasons to undergo implant removal and replacement surgery is to address complications which have been experienced with breast implants. These problems can include capsular contracture or infection, which lead a plastic surgeon to recommend the removal of the breast implant.

Implant rupture, deflation or folding are other causes of complications which can lead to the need for implant and removal surgery. The procedure can also be necessary when women experience necrosis or dead tissues developing around the implant, bleeding, or a build-up of calcium.

In some cases, the decision to opt for implant removal and replacement surgery can be a personal choice. Some women might feel that breast implants they received as part of a breast augmentation procedure have given their breasts the wrong size or shape, or the implants have moved into the wrong position due to factors such as pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss.

How is Implant removal and replacement surgery performed?

Implant removal and replacement surgery is typically performed using the same incisions which were made during the breast augmentation procedure. During surgery, the capsule which surrounds the implant is taken out, and a new implant is then inserted into this vacant area known as ‘the pocket’. In cases of capsular contracture, patients are typically recommended polyurethane implants as a replacement. That is because, compared to a standard silicone implant, polyurethane implants are accepted as having less risk of capsular contracture. Once the new implants have been inserted, the skin incision can be closed.

Usually implant removal and replacement surgery takes an hour and is performed under a general anaesthetic, which means that the patient is asleep during the procedure. Implant removal and replacement surgery usually requires a one night stay in hospital, although on some occasions the patient is permitted to go home on the same day.

What are the risks of implant removal and replacement surgery?

While complications with implant removal and replacement surgery are infrequent, no surgical procedure is without risks. Among the possible complications are scars, infection, haematoma, implant displacement, breast asymmetry, and rupture.

Implant removal and replacement surgery recovery time

It is entirely normal to feel sore and stiff for a few days following implant removal and replacement surgery. During the first 72 hours, when the most discomfort is expected to be felt, pain killers can be administered in order to address the discomfort.

Rest is normally recommended for a period of one week following implant removal and replacement surgery. A support bra is usually worn for six weeks after the procedure. Patients can benefit from taking two weeks off work, and after four weeks beginning a gym routine focused on lower body strength. This exercise programme can begin to focus on the upper body after six weeks.

How do I prepare for implant removal and replacement surgery?

Typically an implant removal and replacement surgery patient will not eat or drink for a six-hour window prior to the procedure. Before entering the operating room, a patient will discuss their agreed form of anaesthesia with their anaesthetist.

Why choose the Breastclinik?

Led by internationally recognised and award-winning surgeon Elena Prousskaia, Bristol Breast Clinic is one of the leading cosmetic surgery practices in the UK. Patients benefit from an unsurpassed level of service at several locations including London, Bristol and Sussex. Elena is adept at using the latest surgical techniques in providing the best possible treatment for her patients, and Bristol Breast Clinic is renowned for the high level of aftercare which it provides.

Implant removal and replacement surgery patients at Bristol Breast Clinic have the advantage of an expert consultancy from one of the country’s most prominent cosmetic surgery.

Implant removal and replacement surgery cost

The total cost of the surgery will be confirmed after the first consultation.

The cost includes the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetic fees. It also covers all post-operative visits. The initial consultation fee will be invoiced separately. The prices apply only at the time of publication and are subject to changes without notification.

Surgery costs from £8,500
Initial consultation fee £150

Advice On Breast Implants

Since December 2018, many regulatory bodies around the World have issued statements regarding their own position and some have limited the distribution of other textured devices. The advice does vary from country to country because the research data available is limited and not conclusive. None have called for the precautionary removal or replacement of textured devices that are already inside patients’ breasts.

Breast implants however are not lifelong devices and in general will need removal or replacement at some point. In an effort to have more robust data about both conditions, the Breast and Cosmetic Implant register (BCIR) collects breast implant data for patients in England and Scotland. The MHRA continues to collect and analyse UK information through a reporting system. It also has links with up to date information from international public health organisations. The most recent advice from MHRA on BIA-ALCL was updated on the 4th April 2019.

View the MHRA statement on Allergan

Download the BAAPS statement on ALCL

Surgery details

Anaesthetic: TBC

Anaesthetic: TBC

Follow up: General

Follow up: General

Hospital stay: Overnight stay
Hospital stay: Overnight stay
Final result: 3-12 months

Final result: 3-12 months

Surgical time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Surgical time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Recovery time: 4-8 weeks

Recovery time: 4-8 weeks

What our patients say

  • What a skilled, talented, honest and kind surgeon! I had hoped for an improvement in the way my breasts looked but instead of an improvement, I got perfection! Any concern and query I have had, both pre- and post- surgery has been dealt with immediately and efficiently. My entire care has been phenomenal! Elena has a fantastic team that all work brilliantly together. I thank the lucky stars I landed in her hands!

    Patient at Ridgeway BMI Swindon
  • I can't recommend Elena enough. Elena was wonderful from the beginning completely understanding made me feel so comfortable she understood what it was I wanted to be done and why. Not long after my consultation, I had the surgery done a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation and some lipo and it was truly the best thing I have ever done. Elena has done an amazing job I only ever dreamed I could look like this after looking the way I did. Elena has been wonderful throughout the care before, during and after

    Patient at Queen Victoria Hospital
  • My first meeting with Miss Prousskaia was great. The process from start to finish was made simple & everything was arranged to suit me. If I had any concerns, worries or questions all I had to do was send an email to Miss Prousskaia & she would get back to me even if she was in surgery at the time. Miss Prousskaia has changed not only my body for the better but my life too & also my kids lives. Miss Prousskaia for me has made my dreams a reality. I will always be grateful for her work but also her care & understanding, she is a very talented & special lady.

    Patient at The Bristol Nuffield Hospital at Chesterfield
  • What a sweetie Elena is. She put me totally at ease during my consultation explaining everything in detail and discussed my expectations. The results are far better than I could have hoped for. I have a waist for the first time and I cannot stop smiling. It's given me so much confidence, I wish I'd done it sooner. Elena is a remarkable lady, who I cannot thank enough.

    Patient at The Mcindoe Centre
  • My daughter was born with a severe congenital deformity called tuberous breasts. Elena is so professional, warm and friendly. She took her time and explained exactly how she could correct her breasts. The surgery has been so successful, my daughter's breasts are absolutely perfect and natural looking. The scarring resulting from surgery is so minimal, smooth and neat, we are astounded and Elena is also so pleased. My daughter's personality has completely transformed. She is now so happy, vivacious and confident. I cannot praise or recommend Elena enough.

    Carer at BMI Bath Clinic
  • Elena has performed breast reconstruction on me following cancer. She is the most conscientious and skilled Dr I have met. She is direct and ensures you understand everything. Following her brilliant surgery, she is dedicated to your aftercare to the level I have never seen before. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has made me feel me again.

    Patient at Queen Victoria Hospital
  • First, l would like to thank Elena, it was a pleasure to meet her she is so kind and understanding, After years of being so uncomfortable and having constant pain in my shoulders from having large breast. In October of this year, I had a breast reduction and uplift surgery. The difference it has made is amazing I didn’t realise it could make such a difference I now have more confidence in social situations which pre-surgery I would avoid. The pain in my shoulders has gone and I feel great. I would also like to empathise that there is no pain after surgery just a little discomfort. I would recommend Elena to anyone thinking of having surgery. She’s the best . Thank you once’s again.

    Patient at Bristol Spire
  • From start to to finish my experience has been first class. I have Poland Syndrome and wanted my chest reduced. Elena is a truly amazing surgeon, and has a great team. Elena is fantastic, so understanding and caring, she has a real passion for her work, always wanting the best for you. I can honestly say if you are looking for a top surgeon go meet her, you won’t be disappointed. I believe she has a remarkable talent and I was so lucky to find her.

    Male Patient Spire Bristol
  • Firstly, I would like to say that I would highly recommend Elena to anyone considering a breast augmentation. Elena was the second plastic surgeon I had a consultation with for a breast enlargement operation, recommended to me by a friend who had recently undergone surgery with her and from the moment I picked up the phone to book my first consultation with her the whole process was flawless. I had quite a difficult case with very little under boob but Elena managed to work her magic and gave me the size and look that I have always wanted even with this tricky starting point. I wish I had done this sooner, the difference is truly life changing

    Patient Bath BMI Hospital
  • Ever since I became a teenager and developed breasts, I have always considered a breast augmentation. I had researched the procedure, surgeons and practices for over 20 years but it wasn't until last year that I felt confident enough to go ahead. Elena was the first (and only) surgeon that I had a consultation with. I was blown away with her extensive experience & dedication to helping people.   I am now 2 months on from my procedure and the end results are unbelievable! I don't think I really prepared myself for how fantastic my boobs could look! I feel sexy, confident and I am just so ridiculous happy with my new breasts. I am now just awaiting summer to show them off!  

    Patient at Bristol Spire

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